About Saudi Arabia Market

Saudi Arabia Market

About Market (2014 – 2020)

Saudi women spend $3,800 (14,000 SAR) on average per year on cosmetics.
  • Personal Beauty market the highest per capita in the world ($17bn total)
Health & Beauty Market (Retail & Service) is the largest in the Middle East, with over 12% growth
  • Hospitals now providing Med spa, beauty treatments
The cosmetic clinic sector has grown 10 fold in 5 years.
  • Beauty and wellness products and services market which is worth more than US$2bn
Saudi Arabia accounts for 41.6 per cent of the MEA beauty market, with consumers having spent $4.8 billion on beauty products last year. It is followed by Iran and the UAE, which have spent $3.5 billion and $1.4 billion, respectively.
High levels of discretionary income: Strong demand for premium women's fragrances in Saudi Arabia US$121million
  • Importance of special occasions, in particular weddings which are a multi-billion-dollar industry growing at 20% annually.


Following the global trend, an increasing number of Saudi women have started to show preference towards products with natural and organic ingredients.

The increasing consumer awareness regarding harmful effects of synthetic ingredients is a major driver of this market growth. The expanding distribution of natural & organic products through pharmacies, beauty stores, and online retailers has also eased the search of consumers for chemically clean products.

While the market share for organic cosmetics in the Middle East was only 0.1 of cosmetic sales last 2011, market analyst Organic Monitor pointed out that the Middle Eastern market for natural and organic cosmetics poses a healthy growth of 20% annually..