Exhibitor Testimonials

Testimonials from Exhibitors

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“I’d like to congratulate and thank SHB team for their growing success through the years, amazing management, hard work and their much appreciated help for Nazih Group all throughout the event”

Nazih Group

Wisam Hamad, General Manager

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“We’ve been exhibiting for three years, from the very beginning. This year is the best year. It is as if it is another exhibition altogether, from how amazing and successful it is. We are exhibiting with three of our companies in the group – Eric Zemmour Salon, Le Medi Spa and Al Hoda Home Health Care Center. The organization, marketing, visitors and how everything is coordinated in a very good way. The number of visitors is even more than every year. They are a lot and even the quality is really good. Of course, I am coming back next year. Definitely.”

Al Hoda Group, KSA

Dina Labib, Business Development and Project Manager

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“We came to this Saudi show without expectations and upon arriving here, we are so impressed with everything. The organization, structure, the people that we have met, contacts that we’ve been in touch with have been fantastic. We’re gonna leave this show extremely pleased and looking to come back another year. We’ve met all our objectives and more.”

Laila London Organic Skincare, UK

Jennifer Jackson, Director and Founder

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“We want to be able to expand our business into Saudi Arabia. We know our products are popular here but we’re not officially in the country. So, we’re trying to find a way to introduce our products to distributors. We came not sure of what to expect. We thought it was a small show and we’re pleasantly surprised. Lots of good interest from many people that have stopped by in the past couple of days. I think it is a good show and I love to come back again next year.”

Now Health Group, USA

Bassam Faress, Snr. Regional Business Development Manager – Africa/Middle East

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“The show so far, my first impression was it’s very extravagant. I think you guys did a wonderful job and so far, I’m extremely impressed with the show. In terms of the quality [of visitors], we were spot on and we were able to achieve our targets. Absolutely, I will definitely do this again. You guys have been amazing; I think I’ve said that to you repeatedly. So far so good, and definitely you guys should be looking forward to seeing me again next year.”

Eve Organics, USA

Eric Asare, President

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"We thank Sunaidi exhibitions and conferences and the Saudi Health and Beauty team. The amount of visitors and attendance was great. We’re so happy with our first participation in the exhibition and we’d love to participate in the upcoming years."

Al Sewaidi Trading Co.

Ahmad Abdulhaq, Marketing Manager

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"The event was amazing and we were happy to participate this year , it was perfect , trade visitors and unique visitors were special , we hope to participate in the next years"

Avanti Diet Center

Turki Al-Qurashi, Managing Director