Men's Cosmetics in Saudi Arabia - Saudi Health & Beauty Expo 2017

Published 2017-03-01 03:45:00

The employment rate in the country is growing, and Saudisation is helping more young Saudis to find employment, as the government is active in ensuring that unemployment amongst Saudis falls to 5% by 2020. The growing number of men in the workforce is encouraging more of a focus on personal grooming. Growth in men’s grooming was also linked to rising disposable incomes towards the end of the review period, enabling many low- and middle-income men to spend more on beauty and personal care. Saudi men are increasingly willing to invest time and money in a daily grooming regime, as a well-groomed, stylish appearance is increasingly connected with affluence and career success.


The Gillette Co led men’s grooming in 2015, with an 11% value share. Gillette is an established name in shaving amongst men, and many Saudi men are strongly brand-conscious, and place considerable trust in Gillette’s wide brand range, particularly within men’s shaving. The company offers an extremely wide range of products, including toiletries and the pre- and post-shave range Gillette Series, and value-added men’s razors and blades brands. Furthermore, using renowned football player Messi as its brand ambassador further added to the growth of the company, owing to the player’s strong fan base in Saudi Arabia.


The employment rate is expected to continue to rise, and unemployment is expected to fall to 5% by 2020. The young population in the country will continue to invest in grooming products, as such men will be keen to look well-groomed, attractive and fashionable, with these attributes increasingly being linked to affluence and professional success in the country. Rising disposable incomes and strong advertising investment are expected to continue to fuel growth during the forecast period. Increasing internet penetration is also expected to improve men’s awareness about personal grooming.