AS Hair Care Experts Sponsoring Beauty Me Zone

Published 2017-11-07 04:18:23

The world hair expert Ahmed Suleiman applied his therapeutic innovations so that a women's hair can really become her crown. he utilized Orkidi flower'' the most expensive flowers in the world'' to be a health treatment for every woman looking to improve hair health and beauty

The expert Ahmed Suleiman did not just invent a healthy treatment of hair but it came out of his love for his work and his desire to give the woman special attention. every drop of treatment were thought out by himself and by naming his latest innovations after his name he meant for it not to become a commercial slogan, but to prove that no invention or treatment can be away reflecting his personality

he toured most European countries and presented the beauty and health of hair not just as an expert, but as a person interested in beauty, as he sees that the beauty of the crown of women, in the health of hair hair and glamour as a mirror of health in general.

He lectured on the importance
s on how to care about hair and presented his latest innovations in hair treatment and nutrition. He toured the beauty and decoration centers where he presented his expertise to many experts.. He participated in exhibitions specialized in decorating the world. He recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, where he will participate in the Riyadh and Jeddah exhibitions to offer his latest products of treatments and masks for the protection and treatment of hair.

The new surprise of the world expert Ahmed Sulaiman is the treatment of AS and the flower of the Orkidia, which will be a revolution in the world of hair decoration and treatment. Sulaiman is working to change the concepts of beauty in people which may damage hair yet some people believe that it is useful. Through his innovations therapeutic and cosmetic he is the only one in the world that was able to stop hair problems and find him the right solutions away from chemical ingredient hat are not sound. The biggest evidence for this is that European countries that don't allow chemical components in cosmetics and allowed his products to freely enter EU markets and that his invocations are perfect for treatment for all hair types

In an announcement by Mr. Abdullah Bin Hussin Fakeeh the exclusive agent for AS Products. He said ''AS Products has  always focused on women's hair health and beauty as it has brought the science of stem sell for the first time inside beauty salons in the kingdom  resulting in  healthier hair.''


Mr. Fakeeh also said that ''he is confident that AS products will not be matched by any other competitor and it will win the admiration of all of our customers form various ages, backgrounds and tastes''. He also vowed to always to introduce what is special  for a healthy hair such as introducing   the ''non ammonia'' based  dye cream with excellent results and many other AS products that makes a women's hair her true crown''